Google Code-In with FOSSASIA


This post is part of a project at FOSSASIA Google Code-In

In this post I will be talking about my experience in Google Code-In with FOSSASIA

How it started

I was always intrested in open source software. After completing CS50 from Harvard Extension School, I decided to contribute in open souce projects in C because I was proficient in C, thanks to CS50 and David Malan (Instructor of CS50). So after browsing trending repositories for C I came across the Linux Kernel by Linus Torvalds. So I decided why not start with the largest collaborative project in the history of computing. So I started with writing Coding Style patches for the kernel and found the idea of contributing to the software I use very satisfying. But I wanted to learn more about How the system works? How does one contribute to open source projects and lucky for me I stumbled upon an article which was a project at Google Code-In and decided to register myself as soon as I found out Google Code-In was still in progress.

Experience in Google Code-In

So far my experience at Google Code-In has been more than satisfying. At first, it was overwhelming to see organisations so actively creating tasks on GCI and having an involved IRC channel for doubts related to the tasks. As of writing this post I have successfully completed two tasks in GCI and I have already decided to continue contributing to FOSSASIA even after GCI, hopefully work with them in Google Summer of Code.

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